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Youth say they want a Church that's transparent, up-to-date
Vatican City, Mar 24, 2018 / 10:11 am (EWTN News/CNA).- At the end of a week-long meeting held at the Vatican, young people from around the world have urged the Church to be more authentic, modern and creative in the way it interacts with young people, and in addressing controversial contemporary issues.

Papal Foundation responds to multi-million dollar hospital grant controversy
Philadelphia, Pa., Mar 23, 2018 / 09:00 pm (EWTN News/CNA).- Controversy over a $25 million grant from The Papal Foundation to a Rome hospital at the request of Pope Francis has prompted the foundation to say some claims about the issue are inaccurate, but that it will review its mission and take corrective measures where necessary.
Cardinal Tong says opposing Vatican-China deal is 'unreasonable'
Vatican City, Mar 23, 2018 / 06:00 am (EWTN News/CNA).- Cardinal John Tong Hon has voiced support for a proposed deal on the appointment of bishops between the Vatican and China, saying he believes the Chinese government has generally become more tolerant, and an accord would help bring further openness and unity to the Church.
US pre-synod delegates: Youth need authentic Catholic witnesses
Vatican City, Mar 22, 2018 / 12:47 pm (EWTN News/CNA).- The United States delegates to a pre-synod gathering in Rome this week have said they think young Catholics in the nation need – and desire – faithful and authentic accompaniment in order to live the faith and to form a relationship with Christ.
African youth bring zeal to pre-synod gathering
Vatican City, Mar 21, 2018 / 12:26 pm (EWTN News/CNA).- Several young people from across Africa have voiced their excitement at being able to participate in the Vatican's pre-synod meeting, which they say will give them a chance to be heard and will provide the courage to confront the challenges they face at home.
Top Vatican communications officer resigns after 'Lettergate' fiasco
Vatican City, Mar 21, 2018 / 06:42 am (EWTN News/CNA).- On Wednesday Pope Francis accepted the resignation of Msgr. Dario Edoardo Vigano as prefect of the Secretariat for Communications in wake of what has been dubbed by many as the 'Lettergate' scandal, which has dominated Catholic media the past week.
Holy Communion unites us to Christ, Francis says
Vatican City, Mar 21, 2018 / 05:58 am (EWTN News/CNA).- At Wednesday's general audience, Pope Francis said our participation in the Holy Eucharist at Mass is not a merely spiritual communion, but a sacramental one, uniting us to Christ and his Church.
Pope Francis will travel to Dublin Aug. 25-26 for family gathering
Vatican City, Mar 21, 2018 / 05:40 am (EWTN News/CNA).- During his Wednesday general audience Pope Francis was presented with the official icon for the World Meeting of Families, announcing afterward that he will travel to Dublin from Aug. 25-26.
'We are the Church of hope' - Vatican youth delegates speak up
Vatican City, Mar 20, 2018 / 06:00 pm (EWTN News/CNA).- Young people from around the world have begun a meeting at the Vatican by voicing their hopes and expectations from the Church regarding the challenges they face and the questions life poses.
Pope Francis sends condolences for death of Cardinal O'Brien
Vatican City, Mar 20, 2018 / 08:38 am (EWTN News/CNA).- On Tuesday Pope Francis offered his condolences for the death of Cardinal Keith Patrick O'Brien, the disgraced former archbishop of Edinburgh, who died Monday at the age of 80 in a hospital in northern England.
If a bishop doesn't pray, he's not doing his job, Pope Francis says
Vatican City, Mar 19, 2018 / 02:27 pm (EWTN News/CNA).- Pope Francis marked Monday's Solemnity of St. Joseph by ordaining three new bishops, telling them prayer is a primary ecclesial duty, and if they do not maintain a strong spiritual life, they are not fulfilling their vocation.
Pope encourages young people to ask tough questions at pre-synod launch
Vatican City, Mar 19, 2018 / 11:43 am (EWTN News/CNA).- Pope Francis opened this week's pre-synod meeting telling youth to hold nothing back and to have the courage to ask the "raw" and direct questions about life, love, and vocation.
Cardinal Keith O'Brien, disgraced Scottish prelate, dies at 80
Vatican City, Mar 19, 2018 / 08:49 am (EWTN News/CNA).- Cardinal Keith Patrick O'Brien, who stepped down as Archbishop of Edinburgh in 2013 after admitting to inappropriate sexual conduct throughout his ministry, died Monday at the age of 80.
Pope Francis: The crucifix is for prayer, not decoration
Vatican City, Mar 18, 2018 / 07:58 am (EWTN News/CNA).- On Sunday Pope Francis said that the crucifix is not just something decorative to hang on the wall or wear, it is an important sign of our beliefs – and should be truly looked at and prayed before as the source of our salvation.
Letter reveals Benedict's praise for Francis booklets came with previously unmentioned caveats
Vatican City, Mar 17, 2018 / 01:36 pm (EWTN News/CNA).- Amid accusations of concealment, the Vatican's communications department has released the entirety of a letter written by Benedict XVI, revealing a previously unpublished paragraph which contains Benedict's comments about a theologian known for his "anti-papal initiatives."