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Pope Francis, Trump hold landmark first meeting
Vatican City, May 24, 2017 / 03:48 am (EWTN News/CNA).- After months of anticipation, Pope Francis and U.S. President Donald Trump finally met at the Vatican Wednesday in a friendly encounter which included an emphasis on protection of life and freedom of conscience.
Pope Francis to nuns: Your joy can change the world
Vatican City, May 23, 2017 / 12:19 pm (EWTN News/CNA).- Women who are consecrated to God live "the prophecy of joy," and this authentic joy is their most credible witness, Pope Francis told leaders of the Sister Disciples of the Divine Master on Monday.
Manchester bishop: There is 'no justification' for horrific attack (Updated)
Manchester, United Kingdom, May 23, 2017 / 05:16 am (EWTN News).- After what has been deemed a terrorist attack killed 22 people – mostly youth – at a theater in Manchester Monday night, local Bishop John Arnold condemned the act, saying there is no justification for such violence.

Pope Francis' newest cardinals show a global Church
Vatican City, May 22, 2017 / 04:08 pm (EWTN News/CNA).- Only seven months after Pope Francis' last consistory, he will create five new cardinals in June. He continues a pattern of finding cardinals at the peripheries of the world, from dioceses which have not traditionally had a cardinal.
What common ground could Trump and Pope Francis find?
Vatican City, May 22, 2017 / 01:02 pm (EWTN News/CNA).- When Pope Francis was asked last week about his upcoming meeting with U.S. president Donald Trump, he made headlines for answering that he always tries to look for common ground.
Always act with gentleness and respect, Pope Francis says
Vatican City, May 21, 2017 / 12:20 pm (EWTN News/CNA).- During a visit to a Roman parish Sunday, Pope Francis repeated his frequent condemnation of gossip, telling the congregation instead to always treat others with gentleness and respect, as the Holy Spirit does.
Pope prays for victims of heightened violence in Central African Republic
Vatican City, May 21, 2017 / 07:10 am (EWTN News/CNA).- On Sunday Pope Francis offered his prayer and support for victims of a recent jump in violence in the Central African Republic, repeating his frequent call for the use of dialogue, rather than weapons, to solve conflicts.
Pope Francis announces new June 28 consistory
Vatican City, May 21, 2017 / 05:56 am (EWTN News/CNA).- During his Regina Coeli address Sunday, Pope Francis announced to pilgrims that he will be holding a June 28 consistory to create 5 new cardinals he said represent the "catholicity" of the Church.
Pope's historic meeting with Huntington's patients offered ray of hope
Vatican City, May 20, 2017 / 04:24 pm (EWTN News/CNA).- Pope Francis' gathering this week with a group of Huntington's disease patients was a major inspiration for those seeking to increase awareness and research about the condition.
Pope invited by bishops to address the future of Europe
Vatican City, May 19, 2017 / 07:32 pm (EWTN News/CNA).- Pope Francis will deliver his fifth speech on the present and future of Europe during an event organized by the Commission of the European Bishops' Conferences of the European community (COMECE).
Pope Francis: Church teaching helps us avoid harm of ideology
Vatican City, May 19, 2017 / 12:46 pm (EWTN News/CNA).- Pope Francis warned that ideologues sow confusion and division in the Church in the name of false clarity, rather than relying on the Pope, the bishops, and Church councils inspired by the Holy Spirit.
Benedict XVI praises Cardinal Sarah as great 'spiritual teacher'
Vatican City, May 18, 2017 / 05:30 pm (EWTN News/CNA).- In an afterword to a book on silence and prayer recently authored by Cardinal Robert Sarah, Benedict XVI praised the prelate as a spiritual model given the depth of his interior life, saying the liturgy is safe in his hands.
No research justifies the use of human embryos, Pope Francis says
Vatican City, May 18, 2017 / 11:26 am (EWTN News/CNA).- Pope Francis said that there is no outcome that can justify the use or destruction of embryos for scientific purposes – even for the commendable cause of trying to help those suffering from incurable diseases.
Pope Francis to Huntington's patients: You deserve respect and love
Vatican City, May 18, 2017 / 09:22 am (EWTN News/CNA).- Pope Francis on Thursday offered a message of hope and love to patients with Huntington's disease, a rare and incurable genetic brain disorder that causes intense suffering.

Pope to ambassadors: Work for peace amid 'complex' global conflicts
Vatican City, May 18, 2017 / 06:33 am (EWTN News).- On Thursday Pope Francis received the credentials of six new ambassadors to the Holy See, telling them to work for the common good and support peace efforts that lessen tensions given the complexity of the global climate.